Are you celebrating your young child’s christening?
At the Mavro Lithari Hotel, we provide the perfect setting for a family and friends gathering that will remain unforgettable ! Our dedicated team will help you plan a truly unique event for your little ones, or help you to choose from our specially designed packages.
Special tailor made menus can be created for your event, whilst all dietary requirements can be arranged as well. Alternatively, our buffet style or served menu will delight your guests and leave nobody without a smile.
Baptisms on the beach form an idyllic setting for celebrating this unique day in the life of your baby. Every little detail matters and therefore our team of experts,  driven by a sense of perfectionism, is dedicated towards providing exceptional services and personalized solutions to our guests.
For further inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 30(22910)54972-4 or by mail to create together a comprehensive package that will suit your desires.